Two pieces made for my best friends video involving two character’s that we hold deeply in our hears and identify with. Garnet and Xion= Xionet~ 

Now the first picture, I used a photo i found on pinterest! Totally not mine, due credits go to the photographer who took it. :3  


this fucked me up

Couple kissing   |   by Mitsuru

                   ”And I got blood on my fucking shoes!”

My Female Titan cosplay!! Debuted at Connecticon 2014! Photo by: Thee-Gartisan Works

Long live the Queen.

121 days until Dragon Age: Inquistion


"All a Warden is, is a promise. To protect others… even at the cost of your own life."

Blackwall: The Resolve


Muscle, Wild Card & Resolve

"What’s the most pieces you’ve ever cut someone into in a single swing?

I’m up to three, but I have some ideas.”

An old drawing of Genderbent Catherine peeps. I kinda love how Vincent came out… xD had thoughts of doing a fem version cosplay.. but never happened. XD #catherine #videogames #rule63 #genderbent #katherinemcbride #vincentbrooks