This game is too real.


Get in losers, we’re going to save the world.

FFXV meets FFVII by Strifegirl


Disney Character Oil Paintings - Created by Heather Theurer



Imagine you and your favorite character trying to sleep on a hot summer night, but you keep complaining about the heat and don’t let them sleep. Suddenly they move on top of you, press you on the bed and say “if you don’t stop going on about how hot it is, I’m going to give you a reason to feel hot”.



You know what really gets to me, and I’m sure many know this, is the blatant abuse and betrayal that white photogs display in POC countries. Every time a photo has gotten famous like this photo did in history, the actual focus of the photo is left behind in the dust while the white photog is hailed as a hero for displaying the ills of that country. He didn’t even fucking ask her name. He didn’t ask for 17 years. The world knew nothing about her life and her story. He captured one moment that made him famous and she got nothing.

Every time I see this photo, I seethe.

For the longest, I’ve been dying to make a video with these two. Cause hot damn, they make an insanely great pair— in various ways. This particular video if just reeking of Stockholm syndrome. =w=

Now I hope you enjoy this~ So far, it’s my pride and joy! 

HAIL VARA OR LAAS. OR VAASLARA! W.e their shipping name is. 

Two pieces made for my best friends video involving two character’s that we hold deeply in our hears and identify with. Garnet and Xion= Xionet~ 

Now the first picture, I used a photo i found on pinterest! Totally not mine, due credits go to the photographer who took it. :3  


this fucked me up

Couple kissing   |   by Mitsuru

                   ”And I got blood on my fucking shoes!”

My Female Titan cosplay!! Debuted at Connecticon 2014! Photo by: Thee-Gartisan Works